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Pharmacy Care

Pharmacy Care



Pharmacy Care is a web-based Pharmacy Management Application with a responsive user interface that grants pharmacy, clinic and hospital owners and workers universal access to the information and real-time updates on the current status of the pharmacy with a point of sale, income history, invoicing, purchase history, stock management, and financial statements. It is a multi-level user based pharmacy management system with a default administrator, dispenser and cashier accounts.



Intuitive and Robust Dashboard

Pharmacy Care features a clean and intuitive dashboard with all the necessary information and tools you will need. Its featureful dashboard reporting will keep you amazed.

State of the Art Medicine Inventory Management
Pharmacy Management's top of the line medicine management system ensures optimum usability and ease of mind.

Easy POS and Invoicing
Pharmacy Care feature's easy POS integration and top of the line Invoicing system.

Multi-user and Multi-Currency Support
Pharmacy Management supports multi-user role and multi-currency support to enhance efficiency and effectivity.

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Catagory: Management

Price : 30000 BDT